Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fine Art Landscape - let's do it step by step by Robert Bosler

Like oil painting? You can get this painting, by doing it yourself. We take you through it step by step.

Here you see glimpses of how we go about a landscape painting when created in Fine Art Techniques. Experience the value of advanced technique, see it in close up, watch the different techniques work their magic on the canvas. You paint along at home in your studio along with artist Robert Bosler. The DVD's have been designed to go at the right pace for you.

This is a fully professional work of art, which you too can do. Elements of the landscape are in this painting, which you can apply to your other work and build your landscape painting career - or just have fun while you paint with success.

Art is often taught institutionally to painters by breaking it up into things like color, line, composition, texture, tone and so forth, but it all means nothing unless the painter has the technique to place their vision on canvas. Technique is your toolbox. Start there. Get your techniques and then you can create, and worry about all those other things if you want to - in fact, you may find that when you feel you can paint your vision powerfully, you don't wish to be hindered by institutional thinking. Power up your toolbox and just do your thing!

This YouTube presentation is sampled from our Fine Art Landscape DVD available at our website. (Erratum: the DVD Triple pack is 5 hours long, not four, as titled in this YouTube video: our apologies - but better for you!)

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