Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to Paint Onions and Vases: TONALIST STYLE

In Tonalist Painting Hall introduces the 19th century tradition of tonalism through painting a intimate still life involving two onions with a beautiful violet vase on a gold cloth! Included within the two-hour demonstration are brilliant close-up shots of Hall's traditional brushwork, color mixing techniques and theories, in addition to views of his studio as he discusses his painting at different stages.
Through his innovative, step-by-step approach he outlines the process that was used by such traditional 19th century painters as Edgar Degas and George Inness. Using a clear and concise teaching approach, Hall reveals the secrets behind creating stunning tonality paintings and addresses such topics as creating atmospheric spaces, softening and diffusing edges, working with the palette knife, and suggesting brilliant, shimmering light.

Hall has taught art for over twenty years, and currently is an Associate Professor of Art at a college in New York. ARTNews Magazine critic, Gerard Haggerty, states that Hall Groat II's still life paintings evoke the big picture that we call art history, including painters like Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Edwin Dickinson, and his teacher Lennart Anderson." Collectors of his work have expressed that the work is "Alive, full of grace vitality and beauty, capturing light that is sublime in nature.