Sunday, January 17, 2010

Painting My Wife's Garden - Outdoor acrylic - Gary Garrett painting demo - Today is a great day for painting... so I decided to paint a fantasy landscape as a setting for a small 8x10 acrylic painting of my wife's garden. Later on this year I plan to do some closeup paintings of my favorite flowers. So... this is purely for fun in the front yard. After painting the flowers, I wanted more of the flowers' colors in the sky, so I repainted part of the sky to achieve a better balance. This is acrylics, so you will see me working around the canvas painting one area allowing other areas to dry before continuing.

This was shot on my Sony DCR-TRV25 using the "Interval" feature shooting 1.5 seconds every 30 seconds (I think = about a 20x time lapse)
Hope you like it, THANKS FOR WATCHING!