Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Connecting Shapes DVD by: Chuck McLachlan

Chuck McLachlan says "The key to developing an interesting painting is to connect the shapes so that there exists a coherent transition and a translation between the reality and the essence of reality". In this instructional watercolor DVD, Connecting Shapes, Chuck McLachlan will help you connect a series of shapes with the help of experimentation and creativity to progress your artistic ability. This art DVD is 29 minutes in length.

For those that can't turn up your speakers, here is a transcription.

So now, this shape, we're going to connect this shape to that shape, that shape is connected, that shape is connected, and it's overlapped. So we're looking pretty good. So all I'm going to do in here is a little more vegetation in here. Bring it down, overlap this here. OK, so we're connecting all these little shapes. And what are we doing? We're making a painting out of them.

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