Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fishing Boats Awaiting High Tide - Oil Painting Demo - Gary Garrett - Winsor & Newton Water Mixable Oil Colours

20x10 water mixable oil painting using Winsor & Newton Artisian colours. I used white, prussian blue and raw sienna in the background, with a "hot" color palette (mixed with a little of the Prussian/sienna mix) for the boats and fishermen. Painted from an internet photo Aug 22-23, 2008 during the torrential downpour of tropical storm Fay... at those times when the power was on. Power went out during this video 3 times. I thought it would really be obvious during playback, but it is not.

The oil stays wet as opposed to acrylics, reflecting my lighting in the video more than the smaller 8x10s I was experimenting with earlier, and my ceiling mounted camera pod has a narrow camera view, so the 20x10 canvas was moved back and forth under the camera to keep the area I was working on in frame.... I hope this movement was not too annoying or confusing.

Taped using a Sony DCR TRV-25 camera set on 1 sec per 30 sec mode.

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