Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Painting Automobiles by Frank Francese : Watercolor Painting

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When you're doing a city scene and you're including your people and buildings, it's always a good idea to include some automobiles - cars, trucks, big rigs, 18 wheelers, all sorts of things.

I will come over here and just start with the windows first. What you need to do is put your tires on it like so, and you can paint the tail lights if you like. In 4 of 5 quick steps you can have a semblance of a car. I don't try and paint different models of cars, I like to just give the impression that it is an automobile.

You can have your sedans, your big SUVs, etc.

Here it's the same process on a larger scale.

When I tried to figure cars out I went to a Wal-mart parking lot and I'd sit there and just draw cars.

One thing that's very difficult to paint is a Volkswagon. You can come here with the back window like this and the tail lights.

Remember scale. You can come in here and throw in a quick figure if you like.

Here in the background start laying in some color, and define the tops of the cars.

Once you're more familiar with this particular painting method, then you can start refining your automobiles anyway you would like.

Remember your scale when you put people up next to the cars. With my darker color I can start refining areas even more here.

When you put color on the page it's probably going to dry about 40% lighter in value than when you put it in.

Say you want to fill in the color for the body of the car. Approach it the same way we have so far, but wait for everything to dry first. Then you want to apply the body color after everything has dried.