Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cedar Lee Paints a Cosmic Dance

This painting was made with acrylic colors on a 36" x 42" canvas.

This imagery embodies the concept of balance in the universe--yin and yang. Sun and moon, day and night, heaven and earth, fire and water, hot and cold.

For fun, I have included the constellation Orion, and a shooting star. The swirling colors bring to mind the incredible photos of galaxies taken from satellites in outer space.

In this painting, the sun, moon and stars are like allegorical characters, so looking at it may conjure thoughts of epic mythology and creation stories. Whatever the viewer takes from it, it is an inspiring image.

Because this painting implies the enormity of the cosmos, and is dynamic and full of motion, it is titled "Cosmic Dance."

Sorry the left side of the painting is not in the frame--I am working in close quarters.

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