Monday, December 13, 2010

Painting course online, Spring (English version) by Silvano Drei

English version.

Spring we inebriate its fragrances and colors every year in an ever surprising. But we can not reach his associate to the sweet melodies of Vivaldi interpreted in a time of his immortal four seasons.

Thus, while the trees catch fire color, the skies are colored with cobalt blue stain and meadows with daisies and violets, the birds are the first to perceive The arrival and with their hand to celebrate.

The words and music of Vivaldi become so challenging for execution elements of this painting.


Spring di A. Vivaldi.

Giunt'è spring and festosetti the salutan the vogue with a happy song (violin), and sources at the expiration de 'Zeffiretto with soft murmuring meanwhile flow (violins and violas), covering the aer They come in black cloak and lightning and thunder to proclaim elected (violins and double basses), India, by concealing them, the little birds they return back to their singing magic (violins).