Friday, May 27, 2011

'Late Light' Romantic Speed Painting By Robert Hagan

30 x 40 inch painting jammed into a 2:12 minute video! Backlight painting are a delight to do, says Robert. But they must be sneaked up on-like catching a monkey, otherwise they just get away from you. The secret in painting this type of painting is patience. Its working from the middle tones up and then down, then up and down again a few more tones, until the full range of tones from light to dark is covered. When they are done with care and flair they can be stunning. The fall colors against the soft blue back hills and steel blue trees gives this painting a vibrancy and lift to excite the subject. With dots and dashes of light green, purple and yellow its a cacophony of small but intriguing strokes. The result is a painting that jumps off the wall under light.