Saturday, July 16, 2011

Steve Rogers: The Secrets of Painting Light and Shadow in Watercolor - A clip from Steve's DVD, The Secrets of Painting Light and Shadow in Watercolor

What I need to show you guys is a quick and simple demo. Out in the landscape there are basically three sources of light. We can't really show the third source here but there is direct light, which is the light of the sun, that's creating the light on the side of the cylinder.
The opposite side is our shadow side and one of the sources here that's not really apparent at this point maybe down below is the reflected light that comes from whatever is down here, the ground, can you sense a little of that warmth coming up and also the light itself. That can be very dramatic. It's something that's going to be there in a lot of circumstances and it's something as an artist you're going to have to create, make up maybe enhance. We've got the sense of yellow or warmth coming up here. You can see the impact this has. It basically reflects whatever color is out here.
As an artist I think we would go rather than with the cool reflected light which is a possibility and we can see that here.
The other third source of light which we can't show here is skylight and that would be cool. I think in order to show what skylight is not we need to create a sense of warmth in our reflected light.
Reflected light is kind of the key to turning form, it's the thing that makes form really turn around, rather than edge quality or the difference between light and shadow.
So as we turn it around with the reflected light I think we really get a sense of where that form is going and what's going on with it.
This particular brand of light create a lot of texture because it's glancing off of some of the structure. We get a lot of dramatic cast shadows even from small objects. The little rub rails on this boat that cast great big shadows that wouldn't occur at a different time of day. Little window sills or eaves on a house will have a much more dramatic impact at this time of day. And another thing to point out with this is you can see these shapes defined with this. This is the boat itself and a lot of it is in shadow. This is our form shadow on the boat and here is a cast shadow on that boat and it's on the foreground here, the beach or whatever it is.