Friday, September 9, 2011

Red Dingy on Mandarin Shoreline - Gary Garrett Oil Painting Demonstration - Please click "WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY"

This is an 8x6 inch Black & White gesso under painting with oil glazes painted August 28, 2008 from a photo I shot on a previous paint out on the banks of the St. johns River in Mandarin Florida.

I have briefly explored this gesso under painting idea here on YouTube before, the big difference here is that the under painting in this painting has much far detail and texture. It was painted totally as a grey-scale image, concentrating on textures and grey values BEFORE the oil glaze colors were applied. In this painting, the oil glazes seem to me to be far too heavy and obscured a lot of the grey-scale image, forcing me to either wipe off the glazes or repaint the areas masked by the oils. I chose the latter here just to proceed with this experiment. I will try again in the near future... perhaps a larger image will try to apply a more transparent oil glaze. When done correctly, this technique can quickly yield photo-realistic images... I did not achieve that here, but I am quite pleased with the colors and realism in the water transparency and reflections in this one.

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Music is Diane Arkenstone: track 9, "Waters of Life" from her "Healing Spirit CD"... which can be purchased and downloaded at
Thank You Diane... GREAT MUSIC

Bird songs and marsh sounds recorded during previous paint-outs are also mixed into the soundtrack in the voice over channel of my video editor.