Friday, September 9, 2011

Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint - Felled Tree at Castaway Island Park -

Please click on "WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY". This was an experiment with Winson & Newton's Artisan water mixable oil paints on an 8x10 canvas panel in my studio. They are real oils using a saffron-linseed oil base. They stay wet while painting, so you can really manipulate the image. on this one, I used rolled paper "smear sticks" like I use in oil pastels and a utility knife blade to scrape through the paint for really fine detail. The paint stays wet for 1-2 days, dry to the touch (still a little smear-able) in 3-4 days, and varnish-able in a few weeks. Also, they do NOT have the traditional oil paint smell which my wife is grateful for... actually no smell at all unless you put you nose smack up to it. I purchased these at my local Hobby Lobby store with a 40% off internet coupon, so the cost of the 10-tube set was around $20. I have now found these paints sold in larger tube sizes can purchase individual colors. Here's a link to Winsor & Newton website for more info:

This photo was shot in March 2008 of a tree felled by Hurricane Francis at Castaway Island park along the shores of the Intracoastal Waterway in Jacksonville FL. The tree is still alive, just toppled over. the exposed roots have died and are weathering, but there is still enough of its root system in place to keep the tree going.

Thank you for joining me in this experiment with a new medium, and thanks for watching... as always "STAY CREATIVE AND KEEP PAINTING"

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