Monday, January 9, 2012


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Only 2% of people own an original oil painting. Sadly, statistics show that most of us never owned and never will own an original painting. Old paintings get more expensive as we speak and there is only a handful of commercial painters in the population today. However, my paintings are here if you like it. Call it abstract, call it impression call it autistic, call it whatever you want! It will always be original no matter what! My style is everything that people love the most in Abstract art and Impressionism with a Feng Shui feel. The new theory that the mind gets some or all of its ideas by abstracting them from ideas it already has, or from experience. You may, for example, abstract 'rain' from a set of experiences which involve rain. It also fits into Feng Shui principles, making the design more personal.

Your brain plays the biggest part! Your brain deconstruct images in a very specific way. When looking at a painting from a distance your brain fills up the gaps. Your imagination works in a sub-level, painting like that I want to plug into your subconscious. It forces the brain to conjure up an extremely personal interpretation of it. If the painting had been painted like a detail photographic representation, the brain wouldn't have to fill in the gaps. By causing it, our experience becomes more visceral, with our brain applying memories and very deep emotions to the work. My personal belief is that is better to quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details. I apply colours with as little mixing as possible, creating a vibrant surface, "the optical mixing" should occur in your eyes as a viewer with your personal interpretation. You could be looking at the painting hanging in your room for the next two years thinking about it in a specific way and then suddenly a handy-man comes in to fix your dishwasher and points out something that you perhaps missed or never considered to be that way. It happens to me all the time and I paint this god damn stuff. I just love it. I started painting for a you-tube project. Basically I decided one day that I am going to do 100 paintings in order to learn how to paint, filming myself doing it and posting it on you-tube. As I was doing that people were asking me if they could buy the paintings and I realized that there is value in them. I reached the 100th paintings some time ago but the video editing part was not what I was enjoying the most of the whole project. After time I still upload videos from time to time but I decided to focus on painting itself. Along the way I applied to my paintings all the things I am interested in like psychology, design, Feng shui, and stories. I did notice that I was painting in a specific way but I didn't know what to make of it as I didn't know much about art. Because of the fact that I work Mental Health Services my friend named my style "Autistic Art". I loved it the second I heard it. There is value in hand made quality products and I try hard for the service that I somehow created to be a high standard and I have not yet received a single negative feedback. This would be ideal for someone who wants to decorate walls with something special and personal letting other people to interpret for them-self and perhaps have a little conversation about it. Since there is no silly questions in art please feel free to ask me anything, send suggestions, ideas, requests just anything that comes to mind. You are also welcome to go and see my other paintings on Ebay or to see the you-tube project itself on my YouTube channel /jarduli or to my website which I can't write here but it's easy to guess ;-)