Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FISHING TRAIL at the LITTLE JETTIES 24x12 acrylic plein air Gary Garrett painting

http://www.youtube.com/user/GaryGarrett - I went painting at the Little Jetties (Helen Cooper Floyd Park) where the St. Johns River and the Intracoastal Waterway intersect, just west of Mayport. At this time of year, the Muhley grass (wire grass) is blooming in magnificent pink/red/burgundy colors. The acrylics used are Hobby Lobby's "Master's Touch" acrylics. I had to be at work by 1pm, so this painting had to be done in an hour and a half. Painted Saturday, October 15, 2011.

By the way, sorry about the chipmunk narrating the opening scene... thought he had a better speaking voice! LOL!

The under-painting is done in opposite colors and vaguely roughed into the general areas. This adds warmth to the cooler top painting colors and cools down the warmer ones. I usually under-paint the sky area with raw sienna, and vegetation areas with red and black... sorta roughing in the areas for the top paintings. The under-painting is painted with a 2 or 3 inch brush, and painted very quickly and thinly. Before starting, I soak the canvas with water so as not to have the moisture sucked out of the paint. If things get too thick, or runny, dab it with paper towels. Hope this helps,

geo:lat=30.37822983240481 geo:lon=-81.44835591316223


This was shot using a pocket HDTV camcorder, Samsung HMX-U20 in time lapse mode (1 frame per second) over the coarse of an hour and a half.

Original music by Gary Garrett