Friday, May 11, 2012

Landscape Painting Tutorial: Grand Canyon with Split Brush Techniques on Triple Xuan Paper(2/3) by Henry Li

Thank everybody for your patience.

I tried to reverse the BHA intro and outro that Peter(artofphn) made. It works perfectly with the video.
Again, thank MrHroark and TheBuddhaLight for your persistent requests of a class on split brush techniques with a landscape painting. and thank gianhet 21, leisititine1,donkeyfarmgirl, kagrochmal, lindaag0,xKyleProdutionx,Karen85pl,Karen85pl,ArtWithRob, and microwave1232 for your nice comments. Stay tuned everybody.

Chinese painting supplies provided and here is the materials list:

1) Rooster feather brush;
2) Bear Hair Brush;
3) Triple Xuan(Shuan, Shuen) rice paper;
4) Chuang Hwa Chinese Ink;
5) Magnetic white board with mini magnetic paperweights;
6) Painting glue power made of peach tree sap;
7) Ceramic Brush Basin with 3 Wells.
8) Porcelain Flower Palette;
9) Marie's Chinese Painting Colors;
10) Umber Chips.

Thanks for watching and feedback!