Monday, June 11, 2012

Acrylic Painting Techniques - How to Paint Flowers - Parrot Tulip by Neadeen Masters

Create the contours of flower petals with brushstrokes. Join Neadeen Masters for a short demonstration as she shows you how to create over-sized tulip flower petals. This is a video snippet from her online class for the beginner flower painter.

The Beginner - 'Just for fun' classes are designed for the new painter with no prior painting experience. Yes, we are can do this and it's fun and you don't require any previous knowledge or painting skills!

The goal of these beginner art classes is to get you painting with a carefree approach. We believe if you have a good time the first time, you'll find painting to be one of your most enjoyable activities. For some, learning how to paint can be a daunting idea, so we replaced fear with fun and chose designs that allow the student to play with basic shapes, wild colors and simple painting techniques! So join us for your first painting adventure!

This is another 'jump right in' painting project...this is sure to get you excited about painting!

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