Sunday, August 19, 2012

VOKA - Marilyn Monroe - Spontaneous Realism

Voka is the founder of
Spontaneous Realism

If you look in a dictionary for the word spontaneous you will find definitions like, "rising from a momentary impulse without conscious reflection", or, "not apparently contrived or anipulated: natural" or "often surprising for the surrounding environment".
Looking at Voka's paintings from this vantage point, makes this newly created expression a more than meaningful description of his work. If one has the opportunity or chance to watch the painter while he is in the act of creating his work, and see -- or better, experience -- the immediacy, vigor and enthusiasm with which Voka creates his paintings, then this simple expression, spontaneous realism, conveys a defining emotion. And this is exactly the moment where his art begins. Voka's inspirations are the everyday events of daily life, the seemingly hidden, though omnipresent.