Thursday, September 6, 2012

Acrylic Painting Techniques - Painting Tropical Fish in Acrylic by Gaby Hunter

Bubbles -This contemporary acrylic composition of a whimsical and fun tropical fish is painted on a 12"x36" gallery canvas. The concept of mixing to a chromatic value scale will be taught as students learn to brush mix. This course will demonstrate to the artist how to work with and control color intensity while using a bright palette of color. Gaby shows students how easy it is to keep clean clear color by using this simple way to mix color and create form at the same time. Form and creating dimension are covered as Gaby paints her way through this fun and whimsical design.
Several techniques, such as wet in wet blending and refined blending are also demonstrated, along with dry brushed effects for creating interest and surface textures. Transparent air bubbles will also be learned. All skill levels welcomed to this fun online art class.