Monday, October 29, 2012

Debbie Arnold- Completing a Poured Acrylic Skin Collage

Acrylic Artist Debbie Arnold demonstrates how to pull together a poured acrylic skin collage. First, Debbie creates the skins or pourings by mixing Golden Fluid Acrylic paints ( into large puddles of various Liquitex Acrylic Mediums( From Glazing Medium (, Pouring Medium (, and even Golden Tar Gel (, Debbie is able to get a completely different effect from each one. After creating several acrylic skins and allowing them to dry, Debbie mounted them onto a canvas ( and applied a layer of Liquitex Clear Gesso ( She is now ready to integrate the skins by painting in the details with Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint ( Look for other videos featuring Debbie on Cheap Joe's You Tube Channel showing how these incredible skins are created.