Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fast Motion Oil Painting 'Sweet Summer Days' Roses by Bill Inman

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How-To Oil Painting Video by Professional Artist Bill Inman and Inman Fine Arts - "Sweet Summer Days" - the 4 hour video that teaches how to paint realistic natural looking roses for a gallery - a tutorial unlike any other - you get to watch every brushstroke and all my color mixing from start to finish while I create one of my gallery paintings as if you were standing beside me - it's better than a workshop because you can watch the techniques as often as you like.

I am classically trained with 5 years of figure, head and fashion drawing from the model and I hold an MFA in studio painting. I sell my work through galleries around the country as a full time artist. "My goal is to help viewers feel like they are looking out a window or doorway into a beautiful scene, one that beckons to forget the world a while and simply enjoy the peace and serenity, the incredible beauty Heavenly Father has provided."