Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rushing Branch Creek at sunset - Winsor and Newton Water Mixable Oil Paint - Gary Garrett painting Oil on Canvas panel Demo

Click on "WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY" - 8x10 canvas panel painted in the studio Aug 7, 2008 using Winsor & Newton Water Mixable Oil Colours - experiment #3. This is painted from a photo I shot on the way home from our August 2, 3008 paint out with FCPAP. It's the Rushing Branch Creek from the bridge that connects Alta and Yellow Bluff Roads.

This experiment uses BOB ROSS' LIQUID WHITE as a base under the painting which I almost forgot to apply... LOL ( a REAL senior moment there!!). It appears to double the drying time... after two days of drying some areas are still wet to the touch, but it allows easier blending.

This was DV taped using a Sony TRV25 camera set on interval mode at 1 sec every 30 seconds.

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MUSIC: A wonderful piece by Diane Arkenstone "The River Winds Thru the Night"... it can be purchased and downloaded at


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