Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wonderful Colours with Timo Rannali presented by Graeme Stevenson

Colour in your life is an Australian TV show and web site, about Artists in their studios. It takes the viewer on a fabulous journey of Adventure, entertainment and education. Graeme Stevenson a world renowned Artist himself, rides his Harley Davidson to the studios of Artists all over Australia and New Zealand and allows the viewers a chance to go into the Art studios of some of the greatest Artists in the world. A wonderfully engaging show that allows people to see inside the minds and the abilities of some of the most creative people in the world. Colour in your life is now crossing the globe with many other International net works wanting to air the series. If you love creativity and the shear joy of looking at the world through Art, then Colour in your life is the place too be.

  Wonderful Colours with Timo Rannali 

In this episode Timo shares his passion story telling through his art. His unique style is almost like looking through a fisheye. His work comes together capturing the essence of the subject with an amazing amount of detail. It is a pleasure to watch someone who enjoys his work so much.

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